CJP’s immigration practice is based out of our Reading, PA office.  Our immigration team is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and focuses on representing clients in applying for various petitions, including the following:


Citizenship (or naturalization) is the process for green card holders (permanent residents) to apply to become U.S. citizens.  Applicants can also apply for a fee waiver if they are under the poverty line. We assist in both the N-400 citizenship application and the fee waiver application.

DACA renewal 

We assist Dreamers in renewing their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) paperwork.

Green Card Renewal

We assist green card holders who need to renew their green card every 10 years. A fee waiver is available for this application and we assist with both the I-90 form and the fee waiver.

Work Permit Renewal

There are many different categories of work permits and we can help clients with renewing their work permits, depending on the situation.

Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”)

VAWA is an immigration application for victims of violence who are married to a U.S. citizen or a green card holder and are experiencing abuse. This also includes immigrants who are suffering from abuse from U.S. citizen children who are over the age of 21.  We regularly assist clients in filing VAWA petitions.


The U-Visa is a visa for victims of violence who cooperate with the criminal justice process.  We assist clients in seeking U-Visa certifications and in submitting U-Visa applications.